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Lee McQueen a Bad Example for the Recruitment Industry?

After Sir Alan Sugar appointed former recruiter Lee McQueen as his new Apprentice, Kevin Green, Chief Executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, expressed concern that his less than honest CV could have got him into trouble.

Kevin Green warned:

“If he had been an REC Individual Member, this could have led to his expulsion if he was found to be breaching our Code of Ethics. ”

He added: “The REC was hugely disappointed to see that Lee had lied on his CV. This is a poor reflection on the 100,000 people who work in recruitment agencies. At a time when a career in recruitment is becoming even more professional, he really should have known better.

The REC sets standards for recruitment and would expect recruiters to thoroughly check CVs. Lee was perhaps nave in assuming that Sir Alan would not be working to these high standards.”

Kevin Green added: “Lee proved to be an excellent salesman throughout the tasks and had many of the classic traits of a good recruiter, being very personable, tenacious and achievement- orientated. Recruiters use these skills every week to get over a million temps into work.”


For more information, please contact Alison Henderson, Press Manager, the REC, 020 7009 2157.


Notes for editors:
About the REC
The REC is the trade association for the UK's 26.6 billion private recruitment and staffing industry with a membership of more than 8000 businesses and over 6000 recruitment consultants. All members must abide by a Code of Practice and uphold the highest industry standards:


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