Monday, 15 August 2022

Effective PR For Recruiters and Recruitment Agencies

Do good, and shout about it: how recruitment start-ups can capitalise on good PR
By Sallie Boyce, founder of Communica PR

Startups are in a great position to use PR to grow. It can get them in front of potential investors, clients and employees, as well as adding credibility to their company.

When talking to startups in any industry, I advice doing the following five things. And number five is a must. For a business to have a positive reputation, it must act in a positive way whenever possible. When making any decision company directors should ask themselves how they’d feel if their actions were reported on the front page of tomorrow’s edition of The Times, and how they’d feel if, in decades to come, they had to explain their actions and the consequences to their grandchildren.

  1. ø Always look for stories within your business.
  2. ø Talk to journalists about your business. A lot.
  3. ø Read the papers.
  4. ø Talk about your industry, not just your company.
  5. ø Do the tomorrow’s papers/grandchildren test.
Recruitment has a pretty poor reputation in today’s internet-centric world. LinkedIn recruiters have given the industry a bad name, as lazy spammers. Any agency that can project a hardworking, caring and honest image will be yards ahead of the competition.

With any highly competitive industry, such as recruitment, being top of mind for your target audience is key. This doesn’t just mean being seen by the right people at the right time, it means being seen in the right light.

Companies need to be seen to be hiring in a diverse and ethical manner, so finding the right agency to partner with is key. And that’s largely down the reputation of the agency. Being a thought leader in this area is key. Shouting about your brilliant recruiting processes, and handling any negative stories that pop up quickly are both crucial to being seen as best in the industry.

The big question mark hanging over the PR industry as a whole is how to measure return on investment. Companies will, naturally, want to put an exact figure on their balance sheet as to how much revenue was brought in per pound spent on PR. But it’s more than that.

Good PR means that when the sales team goes out cold calling, they’re more likely to succeed. Good PR means that when something goes wrong, the company is treated in a more forgiving light. Good PR means that when you’re down to the final two in a bid for a customer, you’re chosen based on your reputation.

But, no marketing discipline is an island. Just like good PR, a strong digital marketing strategy, website, brand, advertising and networking are all necessary for getting any startup off the ground.

So, recruitment start-ups can make waves with PR. Be the best that you can, and don’t be afraid to shout about it.


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