Sunday, 03 July 2022

Recruitment & Talent Management Tools

Employer: How Do You Recruit?
Recruitment Agencies and Job Brokers: How do you target and engage with talent?
Employers / Managers: How do you measure and analyse worker performance?

These questions are starting points on a whiteboard. Starting points from which any of the parties should analyse how they will find and manage talent. Today is an age of plentiful software and digital tools that help employers and recruiters to find talent and then manage that talent to ultimately - or primarily - improve the bottom line...make more money for the business.

As most businesses (if not all) use tools that manage the processes named above, another question to ask is "are the tools we are using effective; giving us the insights and results we need?".

We will be breaking down the use of tools and their benefits and drawbacks across the Recruitment Process Value Chain, and the Talent Management Circle.

SUPPLIERS: To get in touch about having your service or tool reviewed for this section, get in touch >

Use Gorilla Theory principles to review the success, failure, performance of the tools you currently use. For each tool/service do a quick investigation:

- List who/which team uses it and why
- Define why it is being used/what is the intended benefit or outcome?
- Is it matching expectations?
- Is it affordable? Are there cheaper options?
- Can a better product/service be used? How easy/hard would it be to switch?

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