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The Recruitment Times Magazine

What's In Store in The Recruitment Times in Print?

Print issue 1, 2016: Recruitment Disruption & Innovation: Buy Now >

The Recruitment Times Magazine
The Recruitment Times is a news and guidance portal for recruitment and talent management specialists as well as business leaders, and managers. We focus on people and the business of talent acquisition and talent management.

The Recruitment Times is now available in print. There will be 4 issues in 2016 - one for each quarter.

The print magazine will feature exclusive articles, insight, learning and development guidance, and industry vacancies.

Online subscribers will be notified when magazine content is available in this website. In some cases, the print features will be expanded online (and in some cases with extras and additional content).

Latest Issue - Quarter 1 2016: The Innovation & Disruption Issue
This issue is dedicated to exploring where recruitment and talent engagement will change and innovate it's services and processes.

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Exclusive industry insight in the first print issue (Quarter 1, 2016): Buy NOW >


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