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Recruitment Careers Case Studies

Why Recruitment as a Career?
People want to be doctors and nurses, to help people to be well and to save lives. Medicine and nursing are careers that call from an early age. Is recruitment a profession that people mostly fall into? Core attributes for recruiters are: people skills, sales skills. In the careers pages, we follow recruiters and human resources/talent maangement professionals across the world and find out why and how they got in to the talent game.

Spotlight on: Amy Buttle, Premier Group Recruitment, UK
We start with Amy Buttle, a young recruiter with Premier Group Recruitment agency in the United Kingdom. Amy has been with Premier Group for two and a half years, and this is her first job in the recruitment industry.

What is your role with Premier Group?
I'm currently a Lead Consultant, specialising in Mechanical Engineering Contracts in the South of the UK. It's good fun and we have a great Engineering team!

What are your favourite three things about working at Premier Group?
I was initially attracted by the commission structure and the incentives that I had seen Premier to offer!. The money I earn is way beyond what I expected or what I earned at my previous sales job of nearly 7 years - and by a long way. It has enabled me to save and buy things I didn’t have the opportunity to be able to afford before.

There are also amazing incentive trips I get to go on – It’s all target based, so you have to work hard for it but I've been to places like Miami and Ibiza courtesy of Premier. There are also, numerous Michelin starred and top class restaurants as incentive prizes.

And lastly – but by no means least – The team. It sounds cheesy but it’s a great atmosphere. Everyone has similar interests and are of a similar age. It’s a really social place. We work long hours, so it’s important to enjoy the company of the people around you.

What have you achieved in your time @ Premier Group?
I won 'Rookie of the Year 2014' in my first year. Along with hitting my first year GP target and claiming £1000 cash at the end of year party – this is how I got on the Miami incentive! I achieved my promotion to Senior Consultant in 10 months. Along with this, a number of lunches, incentive days, a mulberry handbag and holidays!

Describe your team culture?
Work hard play hard! We have a great team atmosphere, similar interests, it’s a lively place but we all know when we need to crack on. We are at work to work and we all enjoy the rewards for it after!

Where do you see yourself in 12 months’ time?
In 12 months from now I will be a Team Lead, working my way towards management and growing a mechanical contracts team. I will be regularly hitting target and ensuring my team are doing the same, along with making sure we are all getting on the incentives!

How do Premier Group support and develop you?
Personal development is spot on. From the initial IMPACT training programme through to when you are looking towards your first/second promotion there is always support and training provided. If you work hard, hit targets, do what you need to do and have a good attitude, you can progress quickly within the company. They do not hold you back.

What have you found out most challenging?
On the contract side of the business for me it’s all about pulling jobs and educating clients that they should take your contractors on board. Coming up with new ways to get these jobs on is always a test for any contract consultant, so consistently doing this I would say is a tough part of the role.

What advice would you have for someone wanting to get in to recruitment?
The hours can be long, and it’s hard work, and you have to spin a lot of plates, but I love my job. If you like a challenge and can see the bigger picture then it will be the best job you will ever do and you will be earning the same sort of money as doctors or lawyers. There is always training and support available. No one expects you to get it straight away, but if you listen to your peers and take on board advice, whilst having a positive attitude then it’s a great career.

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